About UniqTech

UniqTech Systems is a Silicon Valley start-up company concentrating in specialized measurement and demonstration systems in optics, energy efficiency and glass industries. The company has a capable development team and strong business sense in market needs of state-of-the-art special instruments and tools.

Our Products


First-of-its-kind solar energy analyzer and beam splitter instrument with an innovative new design incorporating UV/VIS/IR transmittance and IR/VIR reflection.
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Panel Energy Analyzer

Analysis and display system attached to glass panels for transmittance and reflectance of solar/visible light energy, suitable for exhibition and showroom applications.
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Sales contact: Liang Lihua
Shanghai Yibei Environmental Technologies
Email: 474583189@qq.com | Phone: +86-15902196900

For additional information email uniqtechsystems@gmail.com.