Panel Energy Analyzer

Panel Energy Analyzer, Model SV1106Q

The Panel Energy Analyxer is an analysis and display system attached to glass panels for transmittance and reflectance of solar/visible light energy. It is activated by heat lamp in the demonstration setup to explain and compare the performance of architectural glass options. This system is suitable for exhibition and showroom applications.

Based on the applications for architectural glass demonstration needs, UniqTech developed the new analysis/display system with following features:
  • Transmittance and reflectance measurement for solar and visible light energy
  • Simultaneous display of glass optical and solar energy performance features
  • Activated by heat lamp in demonstration system, display the glass performance parameters with physical experience of heat exposure
  • Bright LED parameter display with 5VDC adaptor for long time stable operation
  • Stable signal processing circuitry for non-drift readings under strong stray light
  • RS232 Data port for software upgrading, data recording / comparison and external display
  • Highly integrated data processing and display units, interchangeable mechanical components
  • Dedicated user management program for calibration and tuning according to customer specific needs

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