Solar Energy Analyzer, Model UviR1106Q

The Q-Meter is a solar energy analyzer and beam splitter instrument with an innovative new design incorporating UV/VIS/IR transmittance and IR/VIR reflection.

Based on existing types of beam splitter instruments in the market, UniqTech Systems developed its Q-meter with revolutionary new features:
  • Tuv/Tvis/Tir and Rvis/Rir measurements, first of its kind
  • 3xAA 4.5V battery operated multi color LED device, fully portable
  • DC 5V socket available for long time operation with AC/DC adaptor
  • Stable signal processing circuitry for non-drift readings under strong stray light
  • RS232 Data port for software upgrading, data recording / comparison and external display
  • Calibration to thickness of glass samples
  • Dedicated attachment for reliable and accurate thin film sample measurements

Sales contact: Liang Lihua
Shanghai Yibei Environmental Technologies
Email: 474583189@qq.com | Phone: +86-15902196900

For additional information email uniqtechsystems@gmail.com.